There are plenty of hockey blogs out there and they cover every topic you can imagine. There is so much information on the internet it can be overwhelming to understand and apply to your specific situation.

Here is what you can expect from this blog:

  • Overview of key decisions we have made for our hockey players and why they were right for us
  • Context on our personal and hockey ecosystem and our choices and options
  • Stories about how things turned out and if we would have done things different

As I mentioned there are plenty of blogs, websites, YouTube channels, etc. covering hockey. Here is what we won’t do:

  • Product reviews about hockey equipment or dry land tools (may discuss things we have bought or use, but only to provide context or how it is contributing to our experience)
  • Attempts to sell you on non-hockey related products that make the lives of a hockey parent “easier”
  • Firm stances on why our path or decisions are the best option or only path (hockey is so different from state to start, country to country, and age to age, we can only share what is best for us and our family)

Hope this helps set context and expectations in what I will share with you and how I envision future posts. In my next post I will share more context on hockey in Minnesota and how it is unique and my opinion on why so many top players come from our great state.

-North Star Hockey Dad

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