Hockey parents are a unique breed, they spend an excessive amount of energy, time, and money, on a sport with a small probability to produce NHL millions, Olympic glory, or a college scholarship. A sport that is fourth most popular professionally or at the youth level (in a good year), a sport that forces you to spend time inside cold damp arenas, at odd hours, in cities and towns you would visit if it was the last inhabitable place on Earth!

But man do we love it!

We love it because it teaches our kids lessons about team work, perseverance, hard work, and discipline, like no other sport can. We love it because it creates experiences they will never forgot with friends they will have for life. We love it because we get hooked on the lifestyle of long drives, early mornings practices, and freezing with other parents while we watch our kids grow and develop right in front of our eyes. And finally, we love it because the culture of hockey and love for the game infuses itself into your lifestyle and family in a way no other sport can.

That’s why I am starting this blog, to share our experiences, key decisions we have made in our journey, major milestones and successes, and mistakes and lessons learned. I want to create a forum that is happening in real-time with limited filter, so other parents can laugh with us (or at us), learn a few things they may not have considered, and hear from other hockey parents about what they are experiencing.

Purpose: Share my real-time experience as a hockey parent so others can pick up a few tips, learn a few lessons, or have a few laughs.

Approach: Will share stories and context for key decisions we have made and how they are playing out during the season/ off-season (yea right a hockey off season?!?!)

So who am I?

  • Hockey Dad, located in the Twin Cities (Minnesota)
  • Personally played hockey my entire life, Mites through Juniors and two years of College
  • Work locally as an HR executive, try to work from home as much as possible for maximum flexibility
  • Married, wife never played but loves the game
  • Three girls (7, 3, 1), two currently play hockey
  • 7 year old is a 8U/ Mite, 3 year old just started learn to skate
  • Yes we do a backyard rink each winter!

That is a bit on the intent of the blog, who I am, and a few of my views on Hockey and Hockey Parents. My next post will take a deep dive into who is on my team (the family) and a bit on our background with hockey!

-North Star Hockey Dad

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